Shallow Aquarium update continued

Hey guys, here is a quick update of my shallow aquarium seen originally from Evolution of a planted aquarium post and the later update found here. And now the 3rd instalment of  this ever evolving creation. I have decided to remove the carpet Micranthemum monte carlo as I grew tired of constantly trimming it, which is a requirement if you…

Get the most out of your take away coffee

If you have been following the media recently you may have seen quite a few articles about our over-indulgence of coffee, much to the detriment of saving a home deposit. I for one will not be giving up my coffee any time soon, but I have found a few different ways to get a little bit more value out…

RBG Sydney lotus extravaganza

I came across these amazing lotuses blooming over the summer, and had to stop to get some photos. The bees are absolutely loving these guys! The Royal Botanic Gardens Sydney, is a short walk from the Sydney Opera House and hosts some amazing plant collections. Over the summer period the lotus ponds really put on a show. If your observant…

Voss terrarium

Don’t throw out your finished Voss water bottles just yet! You can re-use them to create terrariums, the narrow upright shape provides a few challenges but also an opportunity to stretch out your creativity. I have used some pitcher plants in mine, getting them in through the tight opening was interesting but we got there….

A little off topic but I do love my tea.

Hey guys, Thought I would go a little bit off topic today and share a cool, simple, way of labelling and storing your favourite teas. I’ll admit I’m a bit of a T2 fan myself, there is nothing better after a busy day of work or gardening than to chill out and enjoy nice tea. T2 recommends you store your teas away…

Happy New Year from the Mossy Blogster!

I would just like to wish all you guys a very happy new year for 2017! 2016 was a big year for me, I started this blog, did a tonne travelling, and met a whole bunch of new awesome people! May your new year be the finest one yet.    

Shallow aquarium update

Here is an update of my shallow aquarium that was featured in an earlier post Evolution of a planted aquarium. As you can see there has been quite a lot of growth from the emergent climbing plants. This has caused some problems with getting light down to the submerged plants. So I have had to…

My air plant collection.. so far.

So after being inspired from some of the recent books I have been reading. I purchased several small air plants from my local nursery, to begin my collection. Most air plants come under the Tillandsia family. They are amazing and do not require any soil, just light and water. Most of the species have a greyish appearance but…

Platter Garden

You may have spotted my platter garden posing in some of my earlier posts. This little fella is one of my favourite pieces of work. Very simple to make, and thrives off neglect. I find it can be a bit of a chameleon. Mine usually sits on a chest of draws and to be honest…

Sunday sesh

  Enjoying some morning tea & learning about air plants. I’m looking forward to trying some out, I didn’t realise they had so many different varieties!

TGIF New addition to the collection

I keep a growing collection of horticultural books in my home. I just came across this new one today at the local bookshop, it’s called House Of Plants by Caro Langton & Rose Ray. I think this will do well for my lazy Sunday this weekend. Expect a review in the not too distant future….

Small forest Terrarium

Hi guys, I have made another Terrarium, they are slowly becoming an addiction! Step 1: Drainage layer Get yourself some pebbles to create a drainage layer, this gives you a buffer zone in case you water too much. It also allows water some space to condensate, which will create a mini water cycle in your terrarium….